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Masala Čaj

Masala Čaj

Indija Koromandija

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India is famous for its tea. And the onus lies upon this very blend of Black tea with various herbs and spices. It is cooked not brewed like most of the teas around the world. This is so famous that in big cities almost every street has a tea maker stationed at the corner, serving hundreds of customers throughout the day.


There is a special method to prepare this tea. For one cup:

1. Heat half a cup of water.

2. Add one tea spoon of our special Masala čaj.

3. Let it boil for 1 minute.

4. Add half a cup of full cream milk and boil it for 1 minute on low flame.

5. Add sugar according to your taste.

6. Serve with a vanilla cookie made from wheat flour.


Črni čaj Masala čaj

Sestavine: črni čaj, cimet, ingver, stroki kardamoma, semena kardamoma, vanilja

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